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State of Alaska DMV - -- The DMV titles and registers motor vehicles, trailers, mobile homes, snow vehicles, powered and non-powered boats and All Terrain Vehicles. They are responsible for licensing drivers statewide and for providing evidence of motor vehicle ownership.

Safety & Driving - -- This web site is a very good source of information for all driver's, regardless of experience. It also provides information and resources for all your Department of Motor Vehicles needs.

For Car Drivers - -- This website provides safety tips, video instruction, and other resources for car drivers and fleet managers.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation - -- The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is the internationally recognized developer of the most comprehensive, research-based, Rider Education and Training System. RETS curriculum promotes lifelong-learning for motorcyclists, and continuous professional development for certified Rider-Coaches and other trainers.

Harley Davidson Motorcycles - -- What else can be said about the greatest rolling icon on the road since 1902: established, traditional and immensely popular. Still having its roots in Milwaukee the company has developed many classic models which have been successful over the years.

Harley Davidson's Farthest Northern Outpost - -- The Northern Most Harley-Davidson Outpost.

Fairbanks Harley Owners Group - -- Free spirited, tough, open arms, adventurous, fun-loving, hard working, and giving are just a few of the terms that describe the members of the Fairbanks chapter of the Harley Owners Group.

Weather Underground - -- Weather Underground provides real-time weather information and reports for most major cities in the world, as well as local weather reports for newspapers and Web sites.

Map Quest - -- This fast and effective site will pin point and give step-by-step directions to and from, where ever you want to go. Input your address as start and ours as finish, and come visit us today!

Alaskan Adventure Riders - -- Alaskan Adventure Riders give you the opportunity to experience the open road of Alaska by simply renting a motorcycle, instead of buying!