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Driver's Education Course
Our Drivers Education course is a 16hr. State certified course and consists of 8 hrs of classroom instruction and 8 hrs of one-on-one, in car training. Classroom instruction will be held four hours per day for two days, and the driving portion will be two hour sessions per day, for four days. This course is designed for the beginning drivers who want to learn to drive, and for the experienced driver who wants to sharpen their driving skills. In this course the student will learn basic driving techniques, defensive driving techniques and the fundamentals of driving in winter conditions.  We offer this to anyone(14+) with a driver's permit interested in improving their safety skills.

Driver Education Course: One on One cost: $575.00

WE NOW OFFER CLASSROOM ONLY FOR ANY AGE: 8 HOUR HOW TO DRIVE FOR BEGINNING DRIVERS. (The class will be presented in two 4 hour sessions once a month.  Cost :$125.00


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DMV Road Test
Cherokee Riders is a State certified "Third Party Tester" for conducting Class D Road Test.

DMV Road Test cost using your vehicle: $60.00
DMV Road Test using our vehicle: $100.00

Please note: If you are under the age of 18 years you are required to have your Alaska State Approved Driver's Permit for at least 6 months before you are eligible to take the DMV Road Test. In addition, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.



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Motorcycle Safety Foundations    Basic Motorcycle Course
The Basic Motorcycle Course is 15-hours full of knowledge and fun that everyone, for people who have never touched a bike to seasoned rider's can enjoy and benefit from.
This course takes place over a span of 3 days. Classroom starting at 5pm for the classroom/written portion, then 2 sessions of "the range" to consist of the driving portion. It is such a thorough and instructive class, that we do not have to require a permit to take the MSF course. This is an investment you will not regret, training you will carry with you for the rest of your life!

Basic Motorcycle Course Cost: $350.00
Bike rental: (if needed): $100.00